The Robert Fritz Japanese Farewell Tour, Fall 2022

In the fall, I’ll be spending a few weeks in Japan leading workshops, and directing a dramatic film I wrote with a cast of wonderful Japanese actors. For those of you in Asia and Australia, this will be the last time I’ll be leading workshops in that area, for in May, when I turn 80 years old, I’ll be giving up leading workshops. I’m not retiring as such, just moving my focus to writing music and directing films.
Here is the Japanese schedule. The tuitions on our website are different from the Japanese courses:
October 28-31
FST (Fundamentals of Structural Thinking.). This is our flagship course on learning structural consulting and thinking. (280000 Yen. App: $2070)
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November 1
The Structural Approach to Sales (70,000 Yen App: $520)
For info and to enroll:
This one-day workshop demonstrates how to use an actual consulting process in a customer’s decision-making process, so that if there is the right match between the offer and the customer, a sale can be made without the usual manipulation of traditional sales techniques.
November 3-5
Your Life As Art (210,000 Yen App: $1550)
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November 6
Relationship (Additional Relationship day: 70,000 Yen App: $520)
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The Structural Approach to Relationships
As a one-day extension of the Your Life As Art workshop, Robert is offering a special seminar on how the underlying structures of your life impact your relationships. YLA is a prerequisite for this workshop. With a change of structure, new possibilities become available to you. This includes family, romantic, friendship, professional, and casual relationships.
Robert will show certain relational strategies, why they exist, and how they limit the experience of true relationships.
One of the most important aspects of the seminar is your relationship with yourself.
This material has not been available in Japan before, and Robert hasn’t written a book about it. So be ready to engage in some unique wisdom and truth about one of the most complex subjects there is: Relationships.
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