Consulting and Executive Coaching Services

Robert Fritz, Inc. provides a comprehensive approach to strategic planning from analysis, to structuring a strategic business plan, to implementation of that plan.

Structural Analysis:

The first part of the creating and implementing a strategic plan is to understand the current situation of the organization, the industry, the product and/or services to the market, market trends, competitive advantages and disadvantages, organizational dynamics, and the competing factors that often lead to confusion and oscillating patterns within the company. These insights are vital to constructing a powerful strategic approach.

Offsite Strategy Planning:

In this phase of the process, the executive team meets for a number of days away from the company. The structural analysis is discussed, and many of the fundamental strategic dimension of the business are rethought and often redesigned. The overall strategic approach then becomes the organizing principle for implementation. There are a series of strategic objectives that become the focal point of actions, accountabilities, due dates, and feedback systems to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy and adjust as needed in a timely way. When the team leaves the meeting room at the end, they know the strategy, the tactics, the major goals needed to implement the strategy, who is accountable for what actions, the due dates for all major goals, the starting point in relationship to each goal, and what is needed to succeed.

Executive Coaching with Robert Fritz

Robert has clients throughout the world who are personally coached to better their ability to lead, manage, make critical decisions, and set the course for the future. Each engagement is unique to the client’s needs and aspirations.

Structural Consulting with Rosalind Fritz

Now available by phone or in person, Rosalind offers a structural consulting session for the individual or couple. Rosalind is a master structural consultant. To discuss the possibility of having a session with Rosalind, email:

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