We offer a range of programs in the creative process and structural dynamics, for individuals as well as for those that work within organizations. Choose from the list on the right to see a full description and forthcoming schedule for each program.

Consulting Programs

Our curriculum of trainings in Structural Thinking for consultants begins with a four-day program. The Fundamentals of Structural Thinking is a prerequisite to the on-going Structural Consulting Certification Program. Structural Thinking is a discipline in which underlying structure is explored, evaluated from the standpoint of effectiveness, and changed to support desired end results. Often, small changes in a structure cause major changes in a client's life and organization. These changes, in turn, create a rapid and permanent shift from ineffective behavior to highly effective behavior. The outcome is an enhanced ability for the client to create his or her desired end result. This is a method of consulting that gets to the true reality of a situation.

Upcoming consulting programs:

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