Structural Consulting Certification Program (SCCP)

The Structural Consulting Certification Program (SCCP)

A Two-Year Program

This is a follow up to the FST.  It is designed for professional consultants, coaches, managers, and those in the helping professions.  Designed and led by Rosalind Fritz, master structural consultant, there is nothing like this program to master the discipline of structural consulting and structural dynamics.

The program includes per year:

  1. Ten one-on-one critiques of actual sessions of client consultations (per year.)
  2. A series of online workshops covering various topics including Macrostructural Patterning, Digital Thinking, Business and Organizational Structures, Working with Implications and Discrepancies, and other related subjects.  4 Online Workshops each year.

Training fee:
$2000 per year

Deposit required $800.

Payment plan:
$100 per month for 12 months.

Prerequisite – The Fundamentals of Structural Thinking

A participant comment:

The 'thinking skills' that I developed in the SCCP program have been invaluable personally and professionally. As a consultant and educator, so much of what I do is enhanced by understanding people and their motivation. Structural thinking has helped me gain a deep understanding of where people are coming from and has enabled me to more meaningfully support them in learning and creating what matters. On a personal level, it is difficult to express the impact of the learning and my learning experience of the SCCP. The 'learnings' have resulted in a much greater understanding of myself and how I do relationships! I can't recommend the program enough...
Charles Holmes (Faculty of Business, Simon Fraser University)

Please contact for more information and/or to register for this program