The Art of the Creative Process

The Art of The Creative Process: A Workshop for Writers, Actors, Musicians, and Visual Artists
with Robert Fritz

For all levels

Designed to supercharge your creative process, this workshop focuses on writing, theater, screenplay structure, keys to innovation, form, and the best way to position yourself as a creator.

This isn’t a finger-painting approach; Robert Fritz offers the mechanics, orientation, and spirit of the creative process as practiced by professionals with deadlines and budgets. You get hands-on experience with entire cycles of the creative process from inception to completion and profound insight on how to apply these principles throughout your life.

This program covers:

  • An overview of the creative process
  • Three-act structures
  • Thinking in pictures
  • Using contrasts for drama
  • Visual forms/assemblages
  • Your life as a creation.

This highly successful process has been used to create arts, science, technology, and so much more. Discover how you can apply this process to your work and life.

Recommended reading: Robert Fritz, Your Life as Art
(Newfane Press) and Elements (Newfane Press).

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