The Art of the Creative Process

The Art of The Creative Process: A Workshop for Writers, Actors, Musicians, and Visual Artists
with Robert Fritz

July 15-19, 2020 | Vermont

For all levels

Designed to supercharge your creative process, this workshop focuses on writing, theater, screenplay structure, keys to innovation, form, and the best way to position yourself as a creator.

This isn’t a finger-painting approach; Robert Fritz offers the mechanics, orientation, and spirit of the creative process as practiced by professionals with deadlines and budgets. You get hands-on experience with entire cycles of the creative process from inception to completion and profound insight on how to apply these principles throughout your life.

This program covers:

  • An overview of the creative process
  • Three-act structures
  • Thinking in pictures
  • Using contrasts for drama
  • Visual forms/assemblages
  • Your life as a creation.

This highly successful process has been used to create arts, science, technology, and so much more. Discover how you can apply this process to your work and life.

Recommended reading: Robert Fritz, Your Life as Art
(Newfane Press) and Elements (Newfane Press).

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