Women in the Raw

raw_2Women in the Raw: A New Workshop with Gabriela Lerner and Rosalind Fritz
June 7-11, 2017 | Vermont

This is a special 5-day workshop for women to support their health and well-being with two leading experts: Gabriela Lerner and Rosalind Fritz

The Body

Increasingly, research shows that whole plant-based food helps to prevent many modern day diseases and even reverses some of them. Beyond that, it supports optimal health. Is there anything that expands this dynamic?

The answer is raw food. Raw food adds another valuable dimension.
Uncooked plant-based foods provide vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes that are kept intact, making available nutrient dense cuisine that feeds our bodies and our minds. This approach supports us in gaining physical energy, clarity of mind, and a deep involvement with life.

Usually the image of raw food is a lot of salads. But it is so much more. Today, this way of eating is a developed cuisine that is not only healthy, but is also delicious, beautiful, luxurious, and sophisticated.

The Mind

For women, physical and mental, spiritual, and creative health are inextricably tied. Structural dynamics is the study of how the structures in our lives generate predictable patterns. Some of these patterns are successful. But some of them are oscillating in which success is not sustainable. The workshop will explore these patterns, what causes them, and how to move from dysfunctional to success life-patterns.

In this workshop, exclusively for women, Gabriela Lerner and Rosalind Fritz will bring together the power of raw, plant-based nutrition and structural dynamics to help you create your life at its best.

This workshop includes delicious meals from morning juice or smoothie through lunch and dinner. All food will be plant-based and mostly raw and prepared to Gabriela's recipes. You will have a chance to learn hands-on from Gabriela in the kitchen.

Gentle yoga sessions, walks in the stunning Vermont countryside and swims in the saltwater swimming pool will add to your experience of 5 days of nourishing body and mind.

About Gabriela Lerner

Gabriela is one of Britain’s UK raw nutrition coaches and raw food educator, chef and author of Food Heroes. She writes regular blogs and has a video channel to support people’s health, energy and longevity.


About Rosalind Fritz

Rosalind developed a successful career in the performing arts as a singer in 60's and 70's London – managed by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice. She had pop hits in the European charts, recorded film tracks with John Barry, and was a guest on numerous British television programs.

Her interest in human development and her own skills as a facilitator led Rosalind to build her own psychotherapeutic practice. Later, out of her involvement with yogic breath work, she created her own therapeutic breathing technique as part of her professional practice.

In 1985 she joined Robert Fritz's company as director of the UK office, where she developed the British and European business and built an impressive reputation for herself and for the work of Robert Fritz. She later moved to the United States and married Robert.

Rosalind is a master structural consultant and director of the Structural Consulting Certification Program. Together with Robert she leads workshops throughout North America and Europe.



Please contact seminars@robertfritz.com for more information and/or to register for this program