The Three Aspects of Creating

The mechanics
The mechanics of the creative process include things like “how do you think about your end results”; how do you know where you are in relationship to those results, and how do you develop strategic and tactical plans in order to accomplish them.

The orientation
You may know the mechanics of the creative process and yet still not be able to accomplish the results you want over time – you may still end up in an oscillating pattern. It is important to know something about the orientation of the creative process in order to be able to successfully apply the mechanics of the creative process in your life.

The spirit
By looking deeply within yourself you can discover what really matters to you —those things that are the source of why you create.

The third dimension of the creative process concerns the deeper aspects of the human being. Often this realm is thought of as the domain of philosophy, metaphysics or religion. But there is another lens through which to view this aspect of human makeup, one without the limitations of beliefs, dogma, creed, doctrine, or conviction. This lens explores without an idea of what one might find. This true exploration can open the door to the deepest source of the creative process. For your life to be art, you cannot ignore your own depth, your own reservoir of vitality. Through the creative process, your true spirit and essence is expressed throughout your life. When you are in touch with this spirit, you are transformed in many ways. It impacts your life direction, your understanding of what’s important to you, and your quality of life. It can be a platform from which to stand, a touchstone for deepest values and highest aspirations, a source of inner strength, and a fountainhead for amazing intrinsic generative energy.

From ‘Your Life as Art’ by Robert Fritz