Choices with Robert & Rosalind Fritz
Date and location to be announced

Where you are now is a product of thousands of choices made over the years. Some of these choices were critical and led to major turning points. Some were small and almost invisible, yet had profound impact on your life.

The choices you make now will determine your future. But it is not simply what choices you make but the underlying structure in which you make them that has the most impact on your future. This is a course about the structure of the creative process, which is the most successful process for accomplishment in history.

One insight with which you will work is that your underlying structures will determine the level of success you will be able to reach in your life. And here is a chance to change those structures for good to ones that are the most effective for organizing your life around your highest aspirations and deepest values.

This is a transformational workshop in which you have the possibility of starting your life anew, with new energy, freshness, clarity, and firm grounding for the future. What could be more vital and important than the strategic choices you make from now on?

Tuition for Choices in Vermont: $750

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