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Robert Fritz Programs
The Fundamentals of Structural Thinking (FST)
With Robert Fritz and Rosalind Fritz

This, our introductory program to Structural Consulting, is taught by Robert and Rosalind Fritz over an exciting four days. During the training you will learn new thinking techniques, understand the major principles of Structural Dynamics, practice the rigor, and engage in exhilirating exercises with other participants. You will learn Robert Fritz's technique for Digital Decision Making, which will enable you to discern enigmatic situations with a clarity that is laser-like and potent.

The course content:

  • Structural Consulting, a skill used extensively in all aspects of coaching and consulting
  • Structural Tension Charting
  • Picturing Skills
  • The Creative Process for Personal and Organizational use
  • Viewing an uncut video of a personal session with Rosalind Fritz
  • Learning how to think structurally rather than situationally
  • Digital Decision Making
  • Defining an Organization's Structure
  • Digital Business Analysis
  • How structure works within organizations and personally
  • How to work with the structures you uncover
  • How to change the underlying structure
  • How to move from oscillation to advancement

Robert will be using a variety of visual material (DVD/video/movie clips) to illustrate learning points as well as giving you original techniques and exercises so that you will have a hands-on experience of using these skills effectively.

Rosalind will coach you as you learn how to understand the structural implications and relationships that lead to targeted exploratory questions.


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The workshop takes place over four exciting days.

It is a prerequisite for the Structural Consulting Certification Program (SCCP), Organizational Structural Consulting Certification Program (OSCP) and the Managerial Moment of Truth (MMOT) course.

Tuition: $1,995.00 deposit of $700.00 for the Newfane, VT location. This price includes coffee breaks and complimentary lunch. For this course, you can bring a friend or colleague for 1/2 price tuition provided this person has never attended a Robert Fritz, Inc. training.    

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or phone: 802-365-7286

Next dates:
Oct 09 - Oct 12 2014
Newfane, VT