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These are some of the principles upon which our work is based. For a more in-depth understanding of these ideas we recommend reading one of Robert Fritz's books (see the books section) or joining one of our programs (see programs).

> Structure

> Oscillation or advancement?

> The creative process

> Tension seeks resolution

Some of these principles are the actual mechanics of the creative process, other principles are about your orientation as a creator, while others are about the guiding spirit that sparks the direction you take.

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The term structure has been used in many contexts in our lives – this is a quick definition of how we use the term.

Structure is a whole thing. A car is a structure. A rocking chair is a structure. A building is a structure, as is the human body. A structure is an entity that is undivided, complete and total.





Your life is a structure, and as all structures, it will have certain ways it will act, behave and work. Certainly a car works differently than a rocking chair. A building works very differently than does a human body. Your life may work very differently from how other people's lives work.

There are two basic structural patterns people have: advancing and oscillating. Advancing is a structure in which the success you have achieved becomes the platform for future success. You can build momentum over time, and the sum total of your life experiences leads you forward. In an oscillating structure the success you have created is neutralized. Each step forward is followed by a step backward. Within this structure, success cannot succeed long term.

If you try to change your life and you are in an oscillating structure, success will only be temporary.

From 'Your Life as Art' by Robert Fritz